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It is huge. Google lists over 3 billion pages. It would take over 99 years for you to see them all.

Although website design is something that can be done by many people, it’s not easy for everyone to design one. Design is an important element that’s often forgotten.

What image would this create for your company ……. if you sent out brochures to potential customers or customers it was of poor quality?

Colour coordination is the key to a successful website design. You should aim for three primary colours with variations or tints. You run the danger of using too many colours, which can lead to non-matching colours and make it less appealing for the eyes.

Navigation is next. The top priorities are colour coordination and navigation. People will leave your website if it is difficult to use. After you have created your website, ask friends and family members to check it out. People will spend more time on websites that are easy to navigate.

An Australian website was recently fined AUD$20,000 for failing to ensure accessibility. Although these rulings have been few, they are important to remember to use ALT tags to identify your images and to use text-based hyperlinks wherever possible. You can find more information at http://www.w3.org

Your site is ready. It’s loaded with content and has a great design. Now, how do people find it? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to this success. Optimizing your site for search engines such as Google and Yahoo can bring you targeted traffic. These are the main rules and principles of SEO.

1. Good Title tags are important. C2 Web Design, which is located in Essex, UK, and covers Colchester, has the following Title tag: ‘Website Design Essex. Design Colchester’. Your main keywords can be used in your title tag to instantly get good results.

2. Your keywords should be included on your site. It has been less effective to increase the number of times your keyword appears, however it should still make up about 5% of your text.

3. Ask for linkbacks. Request linkbacks from other websites as soon as your site is active. Google and other search engines base large portions of their listings on how many websites link to you.

4. Be patient. For a common phrase, it can take up to a year for Google to rank well. However, Google ranks higher in search results than other engines. MSN and Ask Jeeves.

These are the basic rules to follow to ensure your website is easy to use, pleasant to the eyes, and optimized for search engine visits.