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 We use our digital marketing expertise to help you maintain a strong online presence, building brand awareness, driving traffic and increasing sales. Every day, our proven, powerful search engine optimization and precisely targeted marketing strategies help businesses like yours to maximize their revenue, with results that you can see directly on your bottom line. Our business is your business.​​​​​​​

It's often more difficult than it seems. Google releases algorithm updates each year to improve user experience. They will do everything to ensure users are directed to companies that provide the best information and best services. These changes can be difficult to navigate without the expertise and knowledge of an SEO company in Thunder Bay. To keep your rankings as high and convert as possible, we stay current with every change. Let us show you. Get started today with our SEO services!

The majestic giant

Thunder Bay's Sleeping Giant is a remarkable symbol. ​​​​​​​

Thunder Bay, the largest city in Northwestern Ontario is the economic engine of a vast region of Canada. 

Lakehead businesses face many challenges. In recent years, the city's population has dropped. This means that you will need to spend more effort in finding and maintaining the same customers. The competition is fierce. 

You need to be able to attract customers from your competitors and find new customers in the greater T-Bay District to keep your business growing. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is our way of helping you do that.


Having a website is of the utmost importance in today’s trending market and virtual economy.



Did you know that 85% of consumers find local businesses online? With the declining distribution of printed business directories.



Is your business on local maps? 82% of consumers use search engines first to find information.


Local Seo experience matter

NorthWestern Ontario Company

Business owners should consider the potential clients you have. Thunder Bayers are the residents and workers of the city. Let's suppose you are a mechanic. When they search for "electrician Thunder Bay", the first company that comes up is yours. When people search for services on Google and other search engines, chances are they will choose you as their first choice. This is especially true for emergencies.

You should also consider the surrounding communities and the Thunder Bay District. Your company might be the only one offering services in the region. This means that people searching for "carpenter in Nipigon" and "electrician in Red Rock", may not find your Thunder Bay location. Your client base can be expanded by looking for people outside of your immediate vicinity. Thunder Bay is the largest city in Northwestern Ontario. Take advantage of it! You may even be able to branch out to customers as far as Red Lake.

SEO Thunder Bay

We know what it is like to be the largest city on hundreds of kilometers. We are locally-owned and run. Winnipeg is the closest major city to us! Thunder Bay SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is dependent on being able to keep your finger on the pulse in any given region. More on that later. We're know what's going on in T-Bay.

Superior Content

Google has one goal: to keep customers on their platform. This is done by making sure the top results in search are the best results. Simple, right?

Google has many ways to decide what is best. Their algorithms are extremely complex. It all boils down to one idea: quality content is essential. You want people to read and see your content. People want to share content. This content should be relevant to both the local and industry. An article on how to install winter tires would be a good idea, if we go back to the hypothetical mechanic. Focus could be on how crucial traction is on the Shield's treacherous roads - something that everyone in the Bay knows. You will enjoy our great content.

Search engines cannot read as well as humans. It's difficult for search engines to determine what content is of high quality without consulting another person. Without actually reading the paper, how can you tell if it is of high quality? Look at how many times it is cited! It's guaranteed to be good if a paper is frequently cited, especially by SEO experts.

Google uses the same principle to evaluate how often you link to your content. Google considers it a quality signal when other people in your industry or city are linking to your content. We will share the content that we create with respected sites, and they will link to it. This will make you an authority in Google's eyes.

Google Business Profile Optimization

If you don't have Google  Business Profile set up or don't know how it works, get in touch with us immediately. GBP is one the most powerful tools in SEO because it comes with a Google call-to-action. We are here to help you optimize new tools that search engines introduce.

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